Termite and Pre-Purchase Inspections in Sydney

Termite and Pre-Purchase Inspections in Sydney

Termite and Pre-Purchase Inspections in Sydney

At ABC Rodent Control our technicians are highly trained in carrying out visual inspections, combining this skill with the latest technology in termite detection.

  • By using thermal imaging we can effectively kill termites;
  • Find termites nesting in walls, between floors and other concealed areas without drilling or removing wall linings or ceilings.
  • Find termites in tree stumps and in some cases termite nests under concrete slabs.
  • Check before and after termite treatments to ensure the cessation of termite infestation.

Moisture meters are also used by our technicians in order to;

  • Detect high moisture readings in stud walls.
  • Detect possible plumbing leaks.

Timber sounding tools or “Dongers” are used to;

  • Determine timber density.
  • Detect hollowing of timber indicating possible termite damage.

Don’t be alarmed when our technician walks in with a screwdriver, it is used to check for blistering of timbers in which active termites may be foraging. Our technicians also carry maglite torches, which are high powered torches and approved according to Australian Standards for termite inspections.

Rodent Control Mission Statement

At ABC Rodent Control our mission is:

  1. To provide our customers with the best service in the industry, by ensuring all techniciansare licenced and participate in ongoing practical and theoretical training.
  2. To put safety before profit by using only the safest products available on the market.
  3. To provide you with peace of mind with our stringent security measures, ensuring your premises are safeguarded and secure.
  4. To constantly monitor our services with our quality control procedures.
  5. To be readily available to liaise with our clients at any time, allowing us to answer queries or problem solve in a timely manner.
  6. To ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our service by aiming to provide the safest, most effective pest control solutions at the most competitive prices.
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