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Sydney Bird Control – PESTFREE

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ABC Rodent Control – Sydney Bird Control offers a full range of services from Bird Control to Ant, Termite, Rat, Miceand Bee Control in residential homes, as well as providing in depth riddance and prevention programs in Commercial premises such as offices, restaurants and hotels throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

Bird Control Sydney

The bites from bird mites are almost ten times worse than a flea bite and can cause severe skin irritation and blotching. The most common bird control problems in Australia are caused by Pigeons, Starlings, Indian Mynah birds and Sparrows nesting or roosting on building ledges and under the eaves of your roof.
Bird Spikes – Prevent birds form landing and roosting on eaves, gutters, down pipes, ledges, and all other flat surfaces.
Bird Shock – Solar-charged wires are attached to window sills and ledges to prevent birds from roosting, acting as a deterrent by giving the birds a small electric shock – when they attempt to land.
Repellent Gel – In areas where bird spikes aren’t physically or cosmetically feasible, a repellant gel is used to deter birds from landing.

Netting – commercial strength bird netting is used to prevent birds entering open spaces.
Proofing – Entry points are mended in order to prevent birds entering a dwelling or roof void. Nesting material is removed and the area sprayed for the control of bird lice.
Baiting – When no other preventative methods are feasible, narcotic wheat is used in accordance with the National Parks & Wildlife Service, in order to control the problem.

Bird Droppings contain pathogenic fungi and bacteria that can cause Histoplasmosis, Chlamydiosis, Cryptococcosis, Salmonellosis and other lung diseases in humans should you come in direct contact with them or if it they get filtered into your premises through your outdoor air conditioning units or other types of filtration systems.
Are birds causing you problems?

  • Defacing your building or surrounds with droppings
  • Nesting in your eaves or guttering
  • Releasing bird mites into your building causing skin irritations and allergies
  • Noise and scratching in your roof while you sleep
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