How to Get Rid of Possums

How to Get Rid of Possums

Possums can be a huge pain, especially if they have their residence on or near his home. The majority of people don’t necessarily say opossums in the top of the list of pests, but they can be a nuisance if you have a garden or unlocked trash cans. They are solitary creatures usually and only interact with one another during the breeding season. If they end up close to your home or, the damage they can be devastating. You will need to learn how to get rid of opossums and find the tools to make sure that you are successful.

It is true that the date of Possums back to prehistoric times. These animals were able to adapt to its environment because they will eat almost anything. The Virginia opossum is often referred to as a simple opossum. Often listen to if both terms used, but the skunk is the official term. These animals resemble mice because of their long tail. They are about the size of a pet cat normal and his skin is white and gray. Their tails are long and are hairless. In fact, these animals are often described as ugly.

Signs That You Have a Problem of Opossum

Dealing with opossums can be very difficult if you are not familiar with them. Below you will find signs that you may have a plague in your building, home or yard.


After a rain or snow, fresh, prints can be visible on the floor. If you suspect that a skunk can their nests near an establishment or your house, check out by footprints.

The Excreta

The feces of a skunk does not always distinguishable because it is similar to other animals such as coyotes and foxes. If none of these creatures are common in its area, it is likely that a skunk left the stool behind it.

See a Possum in the Light of Day

These creatures are generally nocturnal. In winter it is not rare to see a skunk outside in the light of day due to food sources are limited. If you are seeing this plague outside during the day, you probably have a problem. Do not approach the animal, because it is possible that may be infected with rabies.

How to Catch a Possum

By now you realize that your problem is a big one. Once the possum is a nest, they are very protective of their living quarters. Find a mother with babies, will create more complications.

The game is the only way to “catch” a skunk.

You can get in touch with the human society into a trap or buy one of your local hardware store. Baiting is easy, because these animals will eat almost anything. Suggestions include white bread, marshmallow and tuna. You will need to consider what bait will be less likely to attract other animals in your area to the trap. If you are not careful, you may end up cans in the trap. Make sure you check with the specialist in wildlife on the laws of trapping and relocation in your city or state.

How to Get Rid of Possums in Your Yard

Possums are not overly aggressive, but have them in your backyard is not ideal. There are some steps you can take to remove them from your backyard and tips for preventing the back.

Make sure you all that garbage is collected. If your garbage cans in your backyard, you need to make sure that the covers are safe. Possums will eat anything and everything they can. If you remove the food source, the problem may disappear on their own.

Coyote Urine

If you leave the coyote urine in your yard should dissuade the opossum to reside. Coyotes are known predators, and generally the opossum will steer clear of the area until the smell goes away. This is not a solution to fix everything, but he ‘s going to work in the short term.


This chemical works in a similar way of Coyote urine. The owner may embed rags in the solution and put them around the perimeter of the yard. Again, this is only a short-term solution. Once the smell fades, the opossum can return.


This is truly the only correction – all solution to a skunk in his backyard. You can get the trap from your local hardware store or human society. Make sure you properly, bait on the trap and then transfer the animal to a more suitable habitat.

To install a sprinkler system movement. This is definitely not a more economical solution but will do the trick. Call for quotations and weigh it against the work alone. The system does not have to be incredibly elaborate, will be sufficient to maintain the opossum handful out of your yard!
To shoot it. In rural areas, this practice is acceptable. Configure the motion sensor lights around their yard, and when you see the opossum, shoot it. Check local laws in your area to find out if the photograph animals is permitted and how you should discard the remains.

How to Get Rid of Possums in Your Home

This usually only occurs in the winter months, or if the opossum has babies. Sometimes you will see the rarity of skunk rabies in a house, but this option less likely for all of them. Common places, these animals hide in or near your house include the attic, crawl spaces and under your house. These are some things you can to get rid of opossums and prevent them from re-entering his house.

Use Plenty of Light

Possums are nocturnal and avoid the light in almost all of the costs. The only exception is during winter, when there is a shortage of food available. Make sure your rooms are well lit and if you suspect a problem, add more lighting. It can get rid of the plague to the right.

Look For the Entry

The skunk came into your home in any way, and now it ‘s your job to find out the hole. See the hole with steel mesh. Stuf – fit is a copper mesh, you can buy and use of the same. The mesh will cut the gums of the opossum and will keep you from trying to chew back to her home.

A Trap

Buying a trap to live or to obtain a of human society is the best option. You will need to bait the trap accordingly, and put him where he is out of the way of children and pets may cause problems if the possum is in the crawl space because of the size of the area. After having the animal caught, you must release it in an area where will prosper. Because the opossums are nomads, he can find his way back to his house. It is better to drive at least five miles before releasing the opossum back to nature. Make sure that you have covered all your bases for the prevention, changed that.

Call a Professional

A terminator can go out and capture the animal for you or spray poison to kill him. You have to be careful with this option, however, because it could cost a lot of money and have a lot of time. Possums will not easily give up their living spaces. Also, try to connect to the preservation of the forest. Sometimes, a specialist in wild life going and help remove the animal with little or no cost involved, especially if you allow them to keep them opossum to release in your area.

Repellent Possum

There are several things that the opossums do not like, but many of them are not a permanent solution to keep these creatures away from your house or yard. Experts insist it is not a effective repellent possum as owner that has experienced problems of opossum and used repellent swear by him. These are some of the things that may or may not work, depending on who you ask.

Coyote Urine

Yes, you can actually buy it from a retailer and wear it around your yard. Only scentsational brand is the most commonly used. This is not something to be used at home, is strictly for yards. Opossums may take knowledge and avoid the area, but is only effective within a short period of time.
Ammonia. It was said that ammonia is repugnant to the opossums, who works in the direction of the advantage of the owner. Rags of immersion and let them around your yard will produce results, but only until the smell goes away.


These are very attractive for Possums and really will force them to evict the area in which they are living in. This is especially useful under your home or your crawlspace. Be careful with that of mothballs not break down in the soil is used in your house, and they must be removed once the plague left.
Homemade spray head. Several different places to offer suggestions for homemade spray head. If you have something hot, you must be on the right path. Hot sauce and hot peppers are the best way to choose. Mix the mashed potatoes, peppers or hot sauce in a spray bottle with water and a small amount of soap dish. Spray the mixture on the plants that you don ‘t want the opossum anywhere near.

Possums are not naturally aggressive pests. If you see a in your backyard, he ‘s probably just passing through. When a skunk is seen in the winter and you can see their tracks, you will be able to determine whether or not you have a problem on your hands. Learn how to get rid of the opossums is not the easiest thing, but with a little bit of trial and error, an owner can do that. If for any reason, you feel you cannot deal with the situation, call the forest preservation place and ask for help with the animal.

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