Flea Control Treatments

Flea Control Treatments

ABC Rodent Control – Flea Control Treatments

People and animals are the perfect hosts for blood sucking fleas. Without an effective flea control program, fleas will multiple at an alarming rate during the summer. Tom’s Pest Control – Flea Control can implement an effective flea control program to break this cycle.

Dangers of Fleas:

Flea Control – Tom’s pest control understand the dangers that fleas can present:

  • They can cause skin irritations
  • Cause swelling
  • Spread disease
  • Sickness and in severe cases death

ABC Rodent Control – Flea Control

An important stage in flea control is conducting a thorough flea inspection to locate these unsightly pests.
Once the fleas have been identified and located we use a range flea treatments, such as applying ‘flea dust’ in your roof, hard floor areas, carpets, rugs and externally.
Throughout our flea treatments we only use the safest pesticides and the most effective products available in Australia.

Flea Control – ABC Rodent Control will also insure that we leave you a checklist and strategy to prevent further flea problems from breaking out again including:

  • Washing bedding and clothing
  • Steam Cleaning carpets, rugs

With your help and co-operation we can ensure getting rid of fleas on cats and dogs.
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ABC Rodent Control – Bee Control

Insects such as bees and wasps become very dangerous through the summer months. ABC Rodent Control – Bee Control understand that the buildings and gardens are the ideal breeding grounds for both wasps and bees. If wasps and bees are left untreated they will become a major problem to you and your family.
ABC Rodent Control, understand the importance of eradicating these pests.
Wasp Control – Bee Control – Bee Hive Removal – Wasp Nest Removal
During the summer months the sugar loving wasps and bees become a major problem around the house and without effective wasp control they are a major danger because:

  • Cause painful stings and in certain cases even death
  • Wasp Nests: Wasps left untreated will form nests around home and can become very aggressive
  • Allergic Reactions: A lot people are allergic to wasps and these reactions can be deadly
  • Bee Hive Removal – it is important to remove these unwanted pest from the source.

ABC Rodent Control, will use our highly trained pest controllers to find these unwanted nests, bee hives, and help eradicate this problem through our safe and effective wasp control and bee hive removal services.

Bee and Wasp control helpful hints: Stay away from Wasp Nest, Bee Hives!
Ensure that you protect you family and home by using some of these helpful hints to stop any wasp or bee problems.

  • Keep Children away.
  • Keep sweet and sticky foods stored securely.
  • Keep Garbage secure and locked
  • Stay Away from Bee Hive
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