Ants and termites

Ants and termites

ABC Rodent Control – Pest Control Sydney specialise in ant pest control and ant removal. White ants are a common.
The ant fauna of Australia is quite diverse, we are currently known to have representatives of 10 subfamilies, 101 general and 1275 described species and subspecies.
Are the Ants at your premises –

  • Constructing nests in buildings and gardens
  • Damaging your newly planted seedlings / crops
  • Attacking your electrical wiring
  • Causing health problems through stinging
  • Just a nuisance pest!

Correct identification of your ants is the key to implementing an effective eradication and control program for the removal of ants, nests and their colonies.
By using ABC Rodent Control you can rest assured that all of our Ant Control and treatment methods are environmentally friendly and most of all effective.

  • There is no need to leave home, so you enjoy minimum disruption to your regular home life
  • We arrive on time and leave your home exactly the way we found it

With over 20 years experience we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results – No More Ants!

ABC Rodent Control Sydney specialise in termites, termite control, termite inspections and more importantly getting rid of termites in Sydney.

For termite pest control in Sydney or to find out how to get rid of termites in Sydney, call us at ABC Rodent ControlSydney today – 1800 15 30 10
We also offer termite inspections, termite inspection reports, and comprehensive termite and pest control solutions to homes and businesses in Sydney.

Termite Detection
At ABC Rodent Control we know the termite’s habits and use the latest in Technology to detect them effectively. By using Termiscan Infrared thermal imaging we can effectively;

  • Find termites nesting in walls, between floors and other concealed areas without drilling or removing wall linings or ceilings.
  • Find termites in tree stumps and in some case termite nests under concrete slabs.

By using ABC Rodent Control you can rest assured that all of Termite control and treatment methods are Environmentally Friendly and most of all effective.

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