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ABC Pest Control – Pest Control Cost offers the ultimate pest control service in the industry, treating mice, rats, ants, termites and bees that may infest your home or business including offices and restaurants throughout Sydney and surrounding suburbs. ABC Pest Control – Pest Control Cost can help you control your residential and commercial pest problems without the pest control cost getting out of control!

By using ABC Pest Control – Pest Control Cost, you can rest assured that our pest control costs are kept low, and our treatment services are really effective. We use the latest technology available in the pest control industry. Our pest control prices are really competitive. We implement environmentally friendly methods which have enabled us to build a solid reputation as one of the premium pest control businesses in Sydney.

Cockroach Inspections Sydney

Cockroaches eat nearly everything such as things like cigarette butts, left-over human food, paper, wood, tooth paste and leather. The German cockroach is by far the most common species of the infesting insects and the top pest in the Sydney area. The word cockroach is derived from the Spanish word “cucaracha” translating as “crazy bug”. Protect your house from these unsightly pests by giving us a call immediately!

Silverfish Inspections Sydney

Silverfish, often considered household pests, are timid insects that eat and damage materials that contain carbohydrates. These include food like sugar and cereals, wallpaper, book bindings and clothes that contain starch. A silverfish infestation can be swiftly eliminated by calling on the pest control professionals at ABC Pest Control – Pest Control Cost.

Ant Inspections Sydney

Ants are attracted to foods such as sweets, meat, pet food, breads, oils and fats. ABC Pest Control – Pest Control Cost can eradicate an ant infestation in your building. There are about 15,000 species of ants all over the world, and 1275 of these live in Australia. The black ant is the species that is considered a particular annoying pest in Australia.

Bee Inspections Sydney

Bees are a pest when they start building nests in the wrong places! These places include crawl spaces, attics, vents and hollow walls. The capable team at ABC Pest Control – Pest Control Cost can remove bee nests and swarms safely. Bees are considered to be the most beneficial insect species. This is because they pollinate plants, produce honey and bee’s wax.

Bed Bug Inspections Sydney

Bedbugs can walk to adjoining rooms and be carried in people’s luggage. Bed Bugs are the tiny insects that suck on human blood. They seek out their host usually at night, hiding in bedside furniture cracks, bed frames and crevices in rooms that provide them with safe hiding places.

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